What This INZIDERX! is a decentralized spot leverage OTC market where you can exchange the top 20 digital assets privately and without verification. Transactions are done in between anonyms insiders, wallet to wallet using Atomic Swap. Liquidity is provided by a relay system based on the Lightning Network technology. User friendly, the terminal is devoted to actives and algorithms traders looking for leverage and quality execution. Our platform will provide the tools to help them fully deploy their strategies with complex order types, Pro-trading chart package and advances API commands.

The latest advances in blockchain technology are very interesting. Developers wearing shirts with unicorns, llamas and flying saucers have been happy to give us a smart contract. Some atomic swaps between blockchain have been made without third party intervention and the Lightning Network has been used.

The next revolution is moral technology and blockchain that gives us new tools to move towards this reality. Satoshi is kind enough to solve multiple spending problems, smart contracts allow consensual execution without third party intervention, atom exchange allows transfer of values ​​between different blockchains and Lightning Network instant transfers to low costs.

Situation analysis reveals the shortcomings of a centralized exchange system in place. On the one hand, centralized digital asset exchange has been closed, only a matter of appearance if not time. Given their past problems and their inability to compete with what will happen, they have no future. We still have to give them credit because since 2009 until now, the market that has grown from digital assets is one of the most risky.

Risk for the user but also for the exchange itself: from the legislative, technological and financial point of view. This exchange entrepreneur gives users first access to this market. We must thank them. A beautifully established trading platform provides respectable liquidity and Bid / Ask spreads as well as sophisticated tools such as margin trading and margin financing.

Who has not seen the value of a trading account decrease by one third, if it is not lost at all, after a centralized exchange is a "hacker victim". A new week, new hacking in numbers is always more impressive. Objectively, the security of centralized digital asset exchange cannot be denied. What should be considered about the daily withdrawal limit, if not asked to pay income tax on the withdrawal of the exchange rate, without an objective assessment of profit / loss, if not, suffer withdrawal. In 2018, all exchanges based in the United States have become obsolete. is an OTC leverage market where users get the opportunity to exchange 20 of their top digital assets in private without the need for verification. Transactions are made with anonymous insiders, wallet to wallet using Automatic Swap. Lightning network technology provides liquidity using a relay system

The terminal is dedicated to traders and activates algorithms that seek quality execution and leverage. The platform is also user-friendly providing traders with tools that will help them to deploy their strategies with complex types of orders, advanced API commands, and pro-trade graphics packages.

There are Platform Features in the world: Decentralized Exchange - This exchange is wallet-based and secure, maintaining the security of user funds. There are no restrictions, inscriptions, or verification that must be done by traders who want to be part of this platform. Exchange will use the most advanced trading terminals and combine this with the latest technology that provides a window for tomorrow's market.

Lightning Network - This platform includes liquidity from larger centralized exchanges and other large players known as lightning network usage. This platform provides the security offered by decentralization and the liquidity provided by centralization.

Advanced Trading Tools - This platform focuses on active trading and algorithms. By using API commands, pro-trading graphics packages, and access to complex commands, the platform will provide traders with lost trading tools.

Community Trading - This system will have many reward programs to reward members of the community. The platform will also provide personal tips and analysis to help the community learn about the most sophisticated trading tools.

The advantages of the platform include: Margins and Trade Funds - Users can borrow a certain amount of funds to enter the margin position. Funding orders from other users provides opportunities for traders to generate; Active Learning Communities - Communities will enable communication and interaction between traders so that traders will be able to learn from other traders, exchange ideas, algorithms, and strategies. Contributors will get rewards for their contributions to the community.

Complex Order Types - Having a stop loss and take profit orders attached to the entry will allow the trader to set the profit taking level and limit the risk; Trader Contest - Traders can enter the trader contest where they will be given the opportunity to display their best trading strategies and algorithms. Get the opportunity to be rewarded for their contributions. The best traders of the contest can signal others and get rewarded for this.

Pro-Trade Chart Package - This platform provides graphic packages where 50 drawing tools, 100 indicators, and oscillators are used to produce the right chart that provides the best analysis; Many Prizes - Prizes will be given to market makers, traders contest winners, signal providers and contributors from the community.


THE FUTURE is the beginning of a new vision - True Decentralization.

Transactions are done P2P, wallet to wallet, without third-party control or influence. The atomic swap provides security and Lightning Network liquidity.

It’s impossible to take the exchange down, because there is no server. The data are truly decentralized across the distributed blockchain ledger so it cannot be stolen or corrupted.

No inscription, verification or restriction. Download our wallets and start trading. That simple.

The community is key and the relies on it to make its project known to the widest possible audience. The team believes that the solution proposed by the project is the future of digital asset trading. Contributors who like us see this revolution being rewarded for sharing this shared vision. The prize program will be available in PDF format on their .io website where all details about participation plans and prizes will be given.

will create a second blockchain that will function as a forum. This forum based on the Steemit blockchain technology model will allow users to exchange opinions about the state of the market and share their trading strategies and algorithms. A reward system will be established to motivate the best negotiators to share their approach.

This forum will be the center of our community where everyone can help others explore the world of active trade and with digital asset algorithms. This will also allow them to express their demands for the next desired change in our trading terminal. Our developers listen to our community and this forum will be a listener of .

The benefits to this liquidity provider are very clear: new customers. Standardization of protocols used by network users will enable this ingenious technological progress and will guarantee unparalleled liquidity for our exchanges. will relate to the opening of the exchange with a private liquidity provider and will offer them a plan to reduce transaction costs for a certain period that can be renewed if needed. We will also build relays with the largest exchange of the largest volume. Other network participants who want to connect to our exchanges and use the same protocol will have the possibility to add their volume to the order book.

's mission is to create decentralized exchanges that are easy to use for beginners but especially for active traders and algorithms with all the right conditions to execute their strategies. A decentralized portfolio-based exchange (DAPP), which is liquid and whose graphical analysis platform includes all the most sophisticated tools of its domain. In fact, wants to be a reasonable choice if not the only logical choice for elite negotiators and elite algorithmics. Our focus will always be on the quality of available tools, execution and liquidity of order books.

For those who share the future vision of , the solution is clear. Decentralized exchange rates are the future of digital asset trading. Increasing hacking makes the best centralized exchanges currently unused. And despite their valuable services, they do not provide the tools needed for active negotiators and with algorithms. The benefits of decentralization are numerous, and current technology makes it possible to integrate them into digital asset exchanges. 's value proposition goes beyond simply putting solutions to its users. We are building basic infrastructure from future realities.

comes in the form of a digital currency named INX. INX Tokens will go on sale from June 2018 to February 1, 2019, with the price of 1 INX equivalent to 0.55. Purchasing your own tokens can be done with foreign currency such as BTC, LTC, BCH and DASH. Don't forget, get a purchase bonus for a certain period of time.


November 2017 TECHNOLOGY STUDY - ONGOING Several tests and study done on the latest technologies March 2018 WHITEPAPER WRITING - COMPLETED Establishing the vision of the Exchange July to December 2018 INX SALE - ICO Partnership for the future EcoSystem December 2018 INZIDERX COMMUNITY FORUM Forum activation & INC distribution Febuary 2019 INX DISTRIBUTION Wallet release and INX distribution July 2019 FIRST INZIDERX EXCHANGE RELEASE Basic characteristics January 2020 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Reward, contest & signal programs Febuary 2020 VOTING SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Community takes control Mars 2020 COMMUNITY SUGGESTION Implementation June 2020 INZIDERX EXCHANGE All characteristics fully activated July 2020 INZIDERX COMMUNITY All characteristics fully activated August 2020 LISTENING TO THE COMMUNITY Ongoing Margin, funding trading, short selling, FX position types, hedging. A world of networks - a market of markets.


That is ico project info from , which is the best ico project or promising ico project in my opinion admin which is also an ico, token, cryptocurrency, altcoin from ethereum er20 blockchain technology. This article is made based on personal views, regarding investment it would be better to analyze it first. Each type of investment must have a risk depending on the size or size of the investment scale and whether or not the concept is good. For more information please visit their official website below: Website : Whitepaper : Telegram : Twitter : Facebook : Steemit : Medium : Pinterest: Reddit : : Google+ : instagram :

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