Since the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, thousands of project based on blockchain have sprung up and more are still coming. However, many of these projects are dead on arrival as they offer no real value to the world. This, couple with what ARROUND have to offer make this an outstanding project that everyone should be part of. The team behind ARROUND envisioned world where everyone are able to create and share their own AR experiences and have come up with this outstanding project, fully powered by decentralization of blockchain.

The primary aim of the team behind ARROUND is to provide platform that will cater for people&

8217;s craving for the ability and easy way of creating and sharing AR experience and as such, ARROUND is a decentralized augmented Reality (AR) with this mission of providing platform that will enable anyone to experience the world in AR, not only that, ARROUND will also a platform for developers to ensure that their applications’ potential is realized.
Augmented Reality (AR) according to Wikipedia is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are ‘augmented’ by computer-generated perceptual information. Augmented Reality is the future and it is shown in its unprecedented growth and popularity, making AR one of the best and exciting technologies we have around today.
ARROUND and its brilliant team realized the craving of general public of the need to be able to create and share their AR experience which they often have limited opportunities to get satisfying content. ARROUND and its team will launch AR Social that will cater for this public crave as it focus on social network that put users control of their AR experience. With availability of smartphones, users will have the ability to access AR Application, view, share, and create AR experience.

The advent of blockchain has brought a lot of opportunities as it is proving as the technology that will revamp and improve the things are being done. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity by the day which is the testament of the fact that people have started realizing the potential that comes with blockchain technology, hence its widespread adoption. This is the technology that ARROUND utilizes along with Augmented Reality to create one of the best blockchain-based project that you will ever find.
ARROUND is a project of many benefits; firstly, anyone with smartphone can create, share and enjoy augmented reality experience via powerful AR Social. Offline retailers, brands and organization are not left behind as ARROUND provides them with a powerful new way to engage consumers utilizing a variety of immersive and engaging advertising solutions based on augmented reality technology.
Furthermore, with the powerful combination of blockchain and augmented reality, ARROUND and its amazing team will create a market place for AR developers around the world and other entities to engage with the public and monetize their applications, and provide these developers with a test through a robust SDK and API in order to enable this. Apart from this, ARROUND will also develop a unique crowd-sourced 3D spatial map of the world to make available information that will power the next generation of AR applications and services that require pinpoint of accuracy in the real world environment.

ARR is the name of the token of ARROUND which is going to be used to support transaction within the platform.
Token Ticker: ARR
Total supply: 3,000,000,000
Token Standard: ERC-20
Token Sale Price: 1 ARR = $0.035
Soft cap: $5 million
Hard cap: $30 million
There is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where you get the chance to be a part of this outstanding project as early as possible. 1,450,000,000 tokens has been allocated for presale and main token sale, the main token sale will end on 15th of November, 2018 and softcap has been met already. Hence, this is the time to get in and be a part of wonderful ARROUND community. Any unsold token after main sale will be burnt
43% has been made available for presale and main sale

160;is available as bonus tokens for Pre-sale and Token sale
22% has been allocated for community development ( including advisers, partners, etc)
10% for the Network Development. A fund to support master node holders (NDF)
10% for the Team
1.5% has been allocated for bounty
The funds generated will be used as follows;

ARROUND is the world&

8217;s first decentralized advertising solution in Augmented Reality. Powered by blockchain, ARROUND is the project that will radically change how see the world around us with the captivating new digital environment which will allow millions of users to be able to create and their own AR experiences. With established partnerships with global brands, MVP on iOS and Android, experienced team with excellent track records, you cannot go wrong by investing in this project, you will be doing yourself a huge favor. 



To find out more and be a part of this outstanding ARROUND project, kindly visit the following links
Official website:&

Bitcointalk Ann:
Bitcointalk username: DamiOla
Bitcointalk profile:;u=2257445;sa=summary

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