The first parachute jump in tandem

There was a lot of talk on this subject with my friends. But one friend in our company expressed a desire to go. But there was one but the only thing that could stop this money. Most of what she earns goes to repay the car loan and what remains personal expenses (food, clothing). And here on the birthday of our friend, when all gathered. We drank and laughed. And I remember the moment when she was washing dishes she was a good hostess. I came into the kitchen and sat down. And then asked You really want to go skydiving, I asked. Yes very but I have financial difficulties answered she I sat still and then we carried the cake to the guests. The next day I came to a friend. He met me in a pathetic state. My friend liked my adventure, and we went to buy certificates. When he reached the place, we went to The Aero cafe, everywhere there were photos of parachutists and aircraft, respectively. When personal certificates were on hand I was overwhelmed with emotions I took myself with video and photo shooting, and it is simple. We sit in a cafe right in the Mall. I'm throwing off photo certificate. She had an interesting reaction. What? Did you do that on purpose? I'm afraid I'm scared that's what she said I said that I got this certificate for free. Lied, of course. That day has come, we have arrived to Aero club in the city of Menzelinsk. Put the car and went to be issued. Signed all the papers have undergone a medical examination, as usual. The results showed that I'm healthy but a little thin of course three days thinking about the jump. And here we met with our instructors, both called Sergei. Funny guys joked, cheered. We went to the plane with a smile, everyone who was sitting there, rejoiced and laughed. Took off his feet a little shaking. I look at my friend and understand that she is a brave girl. We began to attach to the instructor, we sat on his knees like children. All the side door we opened at an altitude of 4000 meters. Land not in sight, as if white foam in the sky. We with the instructor walked to the door. Heard the command to jump. And we separated from the plane. First was the coldness and lack of oxygen. Then it seemed the earth free fall it is cool. We flew with the operator so I had to show hands, whether stuff like I'm Superman or liking. Then the dome opened and we went down to the landing. In the distance I saw a friend and waved her hand to me too. Before the jump I told her that we would see each other in the sky and it happened. Landed, I was happy as an elephant hugged the instructor and went to take the suit. Saw a friend hugged all passed and went to the cafe. My friend was in an unusual condition. We ate she drank tea with a bun. We have stated, we came took a flash drive with videos and photos. And we went back to Chelny. In General, it was the most unforgettable day and overcoming your own fear. Rebooting was able to be continued....

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